Welcome to Villa Belle Vue!

Villa Belle Vue is located 900m above sea level, in the Central Balkan Mountains, in the village of Prestoy, 4 km away from Tryavna. The road to the village is asphalt-paved and passable during the winter. Panoramic views to the Balkan are revealed from the villa.

The villa offers 2 bedrooms, a living-room and a small kitchen, a tavern with a fire place, a kitchenette to the tavern, 2 toilets and a bathroom, a terrace and a garden. Heated with wood and electricity, kitchens fully equipped. A TV set in the living-room (ether TV, 4 programs).

Contact Us: 5350 Tryavna,   Prestoi Village,  Nedka Tsaneva
tel. +359 677 64629    Mobile: +359 899 72 33 28      Mobile: +359 895 74 61 16    http://belle-vue.tryavna.biz/